About me

Landscape Architect & Garden Designer.

The garden is for me a space in which architecture permeates with the planned savagery of nature. In the gardens that I design, I introduce contrasts of leaf textures, the interpenetration of colors and the play of light. All this contrasts with Design and art.

I want to share with you the effects of my work. By introducing changes in your surroundings, I discreetly activate the snowball effect.

A garden is a positive visual effect you receive on a conscious and subconscious level.

Plants planted in it will start to positively influence you, soothe your nerves and

stimulating to action. The greenery that surrounds your home will start to heal you, giving off the bactericidal and fungicidal substances – phytoncides.

My main idea when designing a garden is the introduction of such plant species that survive in it with low water consumption. If you have clean sand on your plot, for me it is the best soil to design a wonderful garden.

I design gardens throughout Poland and abroad.

I carried out projects in Wrocław, Warsaw, Krakow or in such distant cities as Palo Alto or Helsinki.

You can find my gardens in cities such as Szczecin, Berlin or Potsdam.

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Wiktor Kłyk

Wiktor Kłyk

Landscape & Garden designer

When I design a garden, I think about your joy in staying in a well-designed space. Good design is the result of my thoughts and sketches.