Gardens are my passion

Black, steel, concrete

Garden of life and death.

Garden of life and death. I do not know if people are more afraid of life or death. I watch life and death every day. I see the beauty of passing away and the annual bloom of life. In passing I see life that brings a new chance. I see clues in the annual cycle. […]


Garden in Helsinki

I’m working on a new garden. I design the way I like it, architecturally. Plants in this case complete the vision of the garden. A large slope with a drop of altitudes of 4.5 m imposes certain solutions. According to my client Nelli’s guidelines, in the garden there will be a gazebo, a place for […]

Garden in California

Dry garden in Palo Alto

A dry climate. Incredible light and heavy, full of beautiful scents atmosphere. Palo Alto in California is a place where I design a private garden. It will be minimalist garden. The lead theme outlined by the customer is ZEN. I intend to come to this garden with a lot of improvisation to finally create my […]