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5 Reasons why it’s worth to be a landscape architect.

5 Reasons why it’s worth to be a landscape architect.

1. Mobility.
You will meet absolutely zero confined. If you can manage very well of your free time it is a dream job for you. In fact every single day at work it is new challenge for you. They wait for you travel across all country to make reconnaissance to different gardens. All trip is a adventure across all Poland with micro and macro scale.
I passed over 700 km for make a design of beach in Pisz, 170 km to make a design beach in Lubniewice and 190 km to make a conceptual design of beach in Lagow. Becaouse all those trips I discover and know better all those places. I see those places from different points of views. From side which is not open for tourists. It was worth it!
If you choose this profession, I am sure you will like it, the nature that you know what I talking about. Your office will be mobile. If you like work among people you can choose coffee house or library. You do not have a boss. You decided when is your deadline.

2. Cognizing peoples and places
New gardens bring you cognizing new people. Every single client makes you better as a landscape architect, gives you the opportunity to grow up and get more experience. Gives you a frame which inside you move during all design process. Trust me, work which have some restrict give you more experience than design which have no single restrictions. That work gives you the possibility to do anything. You have one hundred ideas in one second which eliminate each other. As an artistic soul I like to have got frame. People say if you have some connections you have easier life. Now I know the connections they are not taken from nowhere. Only because of hard work in a couple of years I have met magnificent people full of passion. Positive energy and open mind brings me all goods things to me. You do not belive me? Check it by yourself. 🙂

While I took pictures of plants in Lubniewice I have got invited as a photographer on fishing competitions of actors… It was for me big surprise and distingsion, as a volunteer I go to Lubniewice as a official paparazzi:)

3. Wide part of knowledge

If you develop yourself, during new project you find a lot of news and undiscovered topics. You introduce new technology and science knowledge to your work. You will start writing a blog. You will learn many techniques, how to use a video camera and how to take a good pictures. To make a movie or make you pictures better you will find a way to learn programs to create movies and improve your pictures. This makes you get more experience and knowledge. Designing a garden is a process which develop yourself all the time.

4. Health
When I start my small business I knew it they exist 50 companies which do exactly what I want to do. All of them are working in Szczecin and exactly there is a lot of competition from the their firms. Beginnings are very hard and my competition make it I work very hard. In the first year when officially my business existed I built 3 gardens. Just me totally alone without any help. In total I worked on 3000 m2. It was not easy for me. But I had got the best price ever, I have got very good condition, best body shape, very good suntan and mischievous smile on my face. Once is obviously working outside gave me a strong lifetime. Contact with nature every day it is working on me like depressant. If I have got to many work in office I missing for touch the ground, leaf litter and smell of cutting grass. Tell me, did you not?:)

Year: 2010 area: 200m2 roll up grass, 200m2 remove turf, 20 tons of gravel… and go to work by bicycle:)
5 Reasons why it’s worth to be a landscape architect.

5. Satisfaction
In the end of your work waiting for you huge satisfaction from your work. Nobody tell ‚what is that to design a couples of bushes’ 🙂
I loved this profession. Period!


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