Feb 08, 2018

Garden in Helsinki

I’m working on a new garden.
I design the way I like it, architecturally.
Plants in this case complete the vision of the garden.
A large slope with a drop of altitudes of 4.5 m imposes certain solutions.
According to my client Nelli’s guidelines,
in the garden there will be a gazebo, a place for a jacuzzi, a small kitchen and a fireplace.
The vegetation is adjusted to the climatic conditions prevailing in Finland.
I have already created five versions of the concept to finally start working on the constructions.
I will show you the results of my work soon.
First, I would like to introduce you to the place and the unusual architecture at which the garden will be created.
The building was designed by the Finnish architect Toivo Korhonen,
You can see his rich portfolio here:

Toivo Korhonen

Ciekawostką jest to, że ogród, który projektuję znajduje się w pobliżu biura najbardziej rozpoznawalnegio architekta Finlandii:




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