The best place to hide

The best place to hide

Project: 2016
author: Wiktor Kłyk
Scope of the project: site preparation + plants + small architecture

Implementation: 2016
executive team Wiktor Kłyk

Location: Szczecin

Soil: clay

Usda Hardiness zone: 7 b -15°C to -12.2°CI

I feel great satisfaction creating small spaces. They are like rooms that I can fill with dynamic and solid matter. Here, everything permeates. The house enters the garden space and the garden becomes a home.
This garden was designed and implemented in a very short time in 2016.
Szczecin’s soils are a big challenge for a garden designer. Here, we have their whole cross-section.
In this, as in many of my other implementations of gardens, there is pure clay. Designing plants that will survive on such terrain is an amazing challenge. I introduced species dedicated to heavy soils, but I also introduced dry-milled plants using appropriate ones

drainage systems. Stipa tenuissima, Salvia and Veronica spicata are perfectly settled here.

Pani Sylwia i Pan Artur
Small gardens